Tentaculeando A La Puna

by O+yn

  • Cassette

    When it comes to psychedelic folk, the ultimate music completist Piero Scaruffi divided the genre into two handy groups: the bards and the trippers. While the bards keep the psych folk to the shorter, more song-oriented format which is catchier and more easily recognizable, the trippers focus instead on the freewheeling, lengthy, jamming experience that often gets lengthy and sometimes gets really loosely structured. Tentaculeando a la puna by the Argentinian folk unit Ø+yn is the tripper attitude taken almost to the extreme: the lo-fi, communal clatter following the school of No Neck Blues Band and similar outfits within the homespun brand of “New Weird [insert name of the country here]” aesthetic.

    Even the band’s name forces it to stay in the fringe territory, as if intentionally left there only to be discovered by the true musical speleologists who dig into the musical substance and discover strangely named gems, inaccessible to the majority of human population. Because let’s face it, despite recording in super lo-fi environments (I like to imagine it was recorded in various natural locations like the members of the Jewelled Antler collective), the Ø+yn dudes can get pretty hardcore at times, operating with little more than a few twangy guitar-like instruments some simple drum instruments for a company. There is an air of mutation and savagery on the cassette, as in everything put on tape sounds like a murkier, more mutated or more raw, savage version of a cleaner, catchier folk tune you’ve heard somewhere else, but you just can’t nail it down. Sometimes the deceptive cloak holds up pretty well: i the slower, calmer tracks everything seems to be fine, we get a pretty tune played on a spring meadow, but a sinister drone in the background and the de-tuned instruments suggest otherwise; a plume of black smoke rises on the horizon and rolls in your direction. When it reaches you, a haunting choir of guitars and violins will surround you, chanting in unknown languages and fighting with each other, going for the noisier approach than most other folkers would dare.

    With Tentaculeando a la puna we get a nug of unique brand of psychedelic folk from the depths of the South American continent, a glimpse of the mysterious underworld where the ghosts occupy the same space as the living and where they managed to get their voices recorded and use in their compositions.
    - Weed Temple

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released July 5, 2013



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