More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries From BELGIE

by Tony Conrad and Charlemagne Palestine

  • More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries From BELGIE - Limited edition dvdr Tony Conrad and Charlemagne Palestine

    In the interview that opens up this DVD-R, Charlemagne Palestine discusses how his and Tony Conrad’s “chops” had hit some kind of mystical stride when the two reunited after a 30+ year hiatus since their time playing together in the downtown scene (re: The Kitchen, etc.) of New York in the late 60s and early 70s. Chops? This is drone Mr. Palestine, what the hell are you talking about, chops. Watch the DVD. You’ll see, I promise. This reprisal of the two’s classic collaboration on Sub Rosa (An Aural Symbiotic Mysterie, 2006) is expertly dedicated to the realm of the visual with this release, well captured by cameras from a number of inside angles, perspectives and vibrant, living sound to give this symphony for zombies a thrilling animation I wasn’t sure would be possible after the first five minutes or so. But with time, things get intense. Palestine’s palms slam into the grand piano with precision and a sensual sort of power, like a butcher artistically tenderizing a side of meat with his bare hands. And Tony Conrad, at 72 years old when this was shot with his violin bow strings hanging out, flying all over the place, proves to be the hot mess of drone, that’s no bullshit neither. The two pack about as much motion into this stagnant cluster of notes imaginable, and the result is nothing short of stunning. At 43 minutes, it’s almost not long enough.
    - Strauss, Tiny Mixtapes
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released April 12, 2013



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